Introducing a premium skincare line for women with great experiences QUANT MARY QUANT 2018 AUTUMN DEBUT

Never know limits The light of a young woman dazzles the eyes, but the light of a grown woman warms the heart. Mary Quant discovered a new light of life during her 30s and 40s; a light that she could not see as a younger woman. It is a beauty that combines ultimate freedom and ultimate luxury, bursting with a strength that only increases with time. QUANT by MARY QUANT Find your own unique way to shine

  • A variety of changes occur as skin ages over time. For women, one of the biggest causes of this is the reduction of female hormones. After the age of 40, oestrogen levels start to decrease, leading to dryness as well as reduced skin firmness and elasticity;all of which greatly accelerate skin ageing. Dark spots, wrinkles, open pores, sagging, dryness… Our 5 essential steps to resolving these skin problems help deliver age-defying confidence and strong, radiant skin.
  • STRENGTHEN In order to help the skin rejuvenate itself, you should improve your skin’s metabolism. Mimetic muscles / blood vessels / lymph ducts / basal membrane / cell activation / stem cell
  • PROTECT Keep your skin healthy by protecting it from a variety of stressors. Barrier function / antioxidant / anti-inflammatory / anti-carbonylation / anti-saccharification / target visible blue wavelength light
  • CIRCULATE Aid the circulation of blood and fluid in your body to prevent stagnation and deliver nutrients to every part of the horny layer. Blood circulation / body fluid circulation / lymph
  • STORE Help enable your skin to store the nutrients and fluid it needs. Fluid / nutrition
  • ATTACK Use a targeted approach to skin problems with advanced technology. Hypertonic / low molecular / focussed improvement